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NuCal Foods is a unique agricultural cooperative of multi-generation family-owned farms located in beautiful Northern California, each of whom have been providing farm fresh eggs to retail and foodservice customers for over 50 years. In addition to producing fresh, nutritious, high-quality eggs, our farmers take pride in the traditions and values of being good stewards of the land, providing superior care for their hens and in giving back to the communities that surround and support them.
We work with each of our farmers as a cross-functional team; including production, transportation, marketing, research and development and managing the relationships with our retail, foodservice and individual consumer needs. This approach ensures that our farm-fresh eggs arrive safely and quickly to our customers so that families get the highest-quality eggs possible when they buy from any of the brands, retailers and distributors that we supply.

Quality & Brands

It all starts with the hens, of course, and our farmers ensure that the hens are raised in state-of-the-art, clean, safe environments with everything the latest science tells us they need, whether they’re raised in conventional cages, cage-free, or in the new enriched colony barns. The feed provided ensures the hens’ health and, in turn, that they lay nutritious, wholesome eggs for you and your family.
Many of the people who buy our eggs live within 100 miles of the farms where the eggs are laid, and can purchase them within a day or two of the hens laying them. We currently produce and distribute eggs for our nine premier egg brands and many of the “store” brands in the region; all packed in recycled, non-toxic packaging, utilizing methods that require minimal materials.

Safety, Operations & Practices

All of our farms have comprehensive, multi-faceted quality assurance and food safety programs in place and are continually monitored and certified by a variety of organizations, including the United Egg Producers, the Global Food Safety Initiative, the American Humane Association and the USDA. We receive superior audit scores from the USDA and third-party auditing teams and strictly adhere to the California
Egg Quality Assurance Program.
We are especially proud that the Safe Quality
Program, the leading global food safety
program whose certification lets retailers
know that we have met or exceeded
all food safety regulations, has certified our
plants at level three, while some of the
largest grocery chains only require their
suppliers be rated at level two. The guidelines,
systems and processes we employ in all of
our facilities ensure that our products receive
the most prestigious national and international
certifications and approvals, so you know you
are getting high-quality eggs every day.


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